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Take care of your CENS, and they will take care of you. 10 simple steps to protect your investment.

The CENS ProFlex Module

Cleaning and maintenance of your CENS module is vital. The CENS module is the engine, the powerhouse & the heart of this entire procedure. So, you want to make sure your CENS modules are working in perfect running order while you shoot, on every shoot, right? With a device that only measures 10mm x 14mm x 19mm, how long do you think it’ll take to give them a quick clean before you shoot? Answer in shooting terms: quicker than packing your shooting gear, putting on your shooting vest and yelling PULL!

Protecting your CENS module from debris and dust will increase the longevity of the device. Follow the steps below to keep your CENS module performing at its peak on every shoot:

  1. Rub the module with a clean cloth
  2. Facing downwards, brush off any debris on the sound outlet
  3. Remove the battery from the module
  4. Using a cotton bud, clean the inside of the battery compartment
  5. Insert the battery

The CENS Earpieces

The CENS ProFlex modular earpiece has been designed in such a way that, one is able to upgrade their CENS hearing protection device as they upgrade their shooting; with zero cost on earpiece replacements¹ – from Passive to DX5. For optimal hearing protection performance, cleanliness, and maintenance of the CENS earpiece is vital here. You may not be getting the best possible performance from the CENS module, if the earpieces are not correctly maintained.

Follow the steps below on how to correctly clean your CENS ProFlex earpieces:

  1. Remove the CENS module from the earpiece
  2. Use the air puffer to remove any debris from the sound tube
  3. Use the brush to clean the sound hole
  4. Wipe down the earpiece with an alcohol wipe
  5. Do the same procedure with a dry tissue

Video: How to clean your CENS ProFlex

PerfectDry Lux UV-C Disinfection

The PerfectDry Lux is an all-in-one UV-C disinfection and forced-air fan drying system, regular use keeps your CENS clean & condensation free, extending their lifespan and keeping them performing at their best.

Key Product Features
  • Powerful 360 degree UV-C disinfection lamp
  • Pulsed hot air dehumidification, for an optimised & even flow
  • Automatic temperature regulation (Max 35°C)
  • Modern, practical & ergonomic design
  • Curved touch-sensitive button for easy handling

The PerfectDry Lux is quick and convenient to use, a drying cycle takes just 30 minutes and the machine automatically turns off once finished.

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