Next generation hearing protection

The absolute pinnacle in hearing protection for shooting, the DX5 features 5 digitally optimised modes: Game, Clay, Range, Wireless comms and Hunter as well as a dedicated mute function.

The ProFlex DX5 is a lightweight, unobtrusive, super comfortable alternative to the ageing ear muff style of protection. Custom-made to fit the individual contours of your ears, there is simply nothing better.

ProFlex DX5

from £699 £549

Choose your own style

A vivid range of



Hundreds of colour combinations

Time to shine with Gemz

The DX5 has it all!

Deluxe gun metal finish

The stylish gun metal grey finish was created exclusively for the CENS ProFlex DX5 to complement the 6 Metalik colours. The perfect colour to complement each Metalik finish.

Advanced digital multi-switch

The DX5 both feature a range of electronic modes which provide the user with the best possible experience in all types of shooting activity. This is achieved by using a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with each mode optimised to the chosen activity and commonly associated ambient surroundings.

With a range of digitally optimised modes plus mute function to cater for shooting disciplines

The complete package

The CENS ProFlex DX Series is supplied with practical, stylish and deluxe packaging to protect & maintain your devices. The packaging also includes a CENS cap and sew on patch to show your support for CENS digital hearing protection.

Vocal feedback

The DX5 vocally advises you which mode you are using and updates you as you change between modes, ensuring the user is always aware of their selected mode. It will also alert you when you are at minimum or maximum volume levels. You will also hear beeps as you toggle through the levels in between. Vocal feedback is also given when battery power becomes low and critical.

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Mute function

The DX5 also feature a dedicated power button that doubles as a mute function, for those critical moments where concentration is key. The mute function is ideal for competition shooter, some prefer the quietness of mute to allow concentration on their setup and preparation prior to calling a target.

Volume & mode

The DX5 will remember your last set volume level and mode selection – even when the device is switched off or the battery is removed.

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Wireless Operation

The neck loop is supplied with the CENS ProFlex DX5. This neck loop is placed over the head (ideally under outer garments) and plugged into any 3.5mm headset socket. This will transmit the audio to the CENS ProFlex DX5 when the Wireless Comms mode is active.

Neck Loop

SRC Wireless Communications

The SRC harness is an optional extra from the neck loop. The SRC harness is designed to interface the CENS ProFlex DX5 in Wireless Comms mode to a user’s own radio – providing full two-way communication.

Typical applications include hunters, game keepers and shoot organisers, to name a few.

The loop around the neck transmits the audio wirelessly into the CENS device whilst the internal CENS microphone provides ambient awareness.

The loop is fitted with an anti-choke quick release connector to prevent injury if the loop is pulled accidentally. A lapel microphone picks up the user’s speech when the PTT (Push to Talk) button is pressed. This automatically switches the radio to transmit mode.

Advanced hearing protection with 5 modes

Game mode

Game mode is optimised for game shooters. Following a gunshot, the device reacts which reduces output levels to keep the shooter safe from harmful noise levels. The sound level then immediately returns to normal, allowing the user to hear approaching quarry. A single microphone wind noise reduction algorithm is initiated in this mode.

Clay mode

Clay mode is optimised for clay shooters where guns are typically fired at a faster rate with other shooters nearby also firing, this exposes the user to more prolonged loud noise levels. A single microphone wind noise reduction algorithm is also initiated in this mode.

Range mode

Range mode is optimised for users firing with calibre weapons or indoor shooting environments. Ambient awareness is still provided, however the reduced output levels may degrade close conversation. Double protection is still advised in this type of environment.

Wireless Comms mode

Wireless Comms mode is optimised for general shooting, providing ambient awareness with the added feature of wireless audio input via the supplied neck loop or full 2-way communication with the optional SRC harness.

Hunter mode

Hunter mode is optimised for hunters and stalkers. This mode reduces the sound of footsteps on dry forestation and grass, helping you focus on the sounds that matter. A single microphone wind noise reduction algorithm is also initiated in this mode.

For your peace of mind

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