The ultimate in custom hearing protection

There are earplugs, and then there are CENS earplugs. Always innovating, never compromising, CENS is simply the best on the market

The ultimate in custom hearing protection

Trust in the best

CENS digital earpieces are precision-made using the very latest technology and the highest quality components. They are rigorously – and we mean rigorously – tested in our lab and on the field, before we’re able to bring them to market.

Our manufacturing and compliance processes require considerable time and financial investment on our behalf. And in our view, rightly so. Other manufacturers can fall short of their legal obligations, failing to have their hearing protection products properly tested and certified.

Would you take that risk with your hearing? We wouldn’t.

Certified to the highest standards

Our hearing protection products are tested and certified to

CE EN352

Discover quality at its best

All our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the UK

CENS certification

All CENS devices are certified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and tested to the following standards:

EN352-2 and EN352-7

IPIL, ANSIS12.42-2010

PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425

Declarations of conformity 

PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Module D Certificate

It is a legal requirement in Europe for manufacturers of PPE to ensure their products comply fully with regulation, conforming to essential health and safety requirements, before being able to apply the CE mark.

Due to the complexity of equipment and level of expertise required to perform product tests, the work must be carried out by specialist testing laboratories approved to national standards.

Test results, along with other technical documentation, is then assessed by an accredited Notified Body before an EC test certificate is issued to the manufacturer.

Results of testing to EN352 are used to provide attenuation data for the end user so they can assess suitability of PPE for the intended use. Attenuation data, along with details of where the product was tested and approved and instructions for use, must be provided with the PPE. Attenuation data must be expressed in the HML and SNR formats. HML provides the assumed attenuations in the individual High, Medium and Low frequency ranges. SNR is the Single Number Rating giving an overall assumed attenuation rating for the complete frequency range.


How your CENS are made

We pride ourselves on our modern manufacturing techniques that meet ISO quality management standards.

1. Personalise your earplugs

Choose your model, choose from almost endless colours, add accessories, add laser engraving, make it yours.

2. Ear impressions

Your ear impressions are scanned and stored

3. Models 3D Printed

Your earpieces are 3D printed onsite to manufacture the custom housings

4. Assembly and testing

Experienced technicians assemble your device, inspecting and testing at every stage to guarantee functionality and quality.

5. Water Shield protection

Our hydrophobic coating plant then adds Water Shield protection and further final testing ensures your product is ready to wear.

6. Delivery

The finishing touch…your new CENS digital product is delivered to your door!

George Digweed's view

CENS is used by thousands of shooters worldwide, including many who are highly renowned and recognised. CENS Brand Ambassador George Digweed MBE (26-time world champion clay shooter) says: “I have been using my CENS since 2012, and would not be without them in the field. Not only do my CENS ProFlex digitals provide excellent noise suppression and the ability to hear ambient noise such as wing beats, they still allow you to have a normal conversation without the need to remove them. This makes them an invaluable part of my game shooting equipment.”

George Digweed MBE
CENS digital Brand Ambassador

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