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CENS digital are precision crafted and feature the most cutting-edge electronic components. Therefore, we offer servicing and repairs, to ensure your devices stand the test of time and continue to perform faultlessly for years to come.

We always advise at least a yearly service. However, service frequency should also be based on use of your devices as well as the environment in which they are worn. For instance, the water resistant coating can be damaged by chemical pollutants as well as accidental damage.

What happens during a CENS digital service?

Servicing & Repairs Lids Cleaned

The first step during a CENS digital service is the visual check and microscopic examination by an expert engineer. After that, comes the professional cleaning and sanitisation of the devices. Finally, all electronic parts are checked for signs of wear and damage, and are replaced when faults are identified. 

We take servicing seriously! Therefore, we only send your devices back once we have completed the multi-point service process and are satisfied the device is as good as it was the day you bought it.

Servicing and Repair Pricing

Prices inclusive of VAT. Delivery FOC in warranty, £6.99 out of warranty.
Module Being Wiped

Guaranteed quality and performance

Module Being Cleaned

The unparalleled performance and reliability of CENS digital devices was established based on the principles we live by.

Since inception, our Designers, Craftsmen and Audio Engineers have fostered an ethos of innovation, refinement, and above all else integrity. 

Our services come with a limited warranty of 30 days for a  minor service and 180 days for major service.

To get started, follow the 4 steps below


Firstly, download the CENS service and repair form below.

CENS Servicing & Repairs Print Icon


Secondly, print the form. Alternatively send a note with the information instead. 

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Fill in

Thirdly, fill the form in, use the rear side if needed. 

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Finally, send the form and your devices back to us. 

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