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Pureclean Gel 5ml



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Pureclean Gel is an earmould sealant and comfort gel designed for easier insertion and removal of CENS ProFlex as well as CENS Classic devices. Supplied individually in a 5ml tube.

Contains a natural active component of Indian Frankincense, acknowledged for its potent anti-irritant effects. The moisturising formula of the gel makes the fitting and removal of CENS ProFlex and CENS Classic devices easier. The gel moisturises and lubricates the ear canal, allowing a better tolerance of the ear mould and preventing irritations. Skin compatibility has been tested by an Institute of clinical expertise, it does not induce any skin irritations.

The Pureclean range of cleaning, hygiene and maintenance products includes 7 essential products for maintaining in-ear devices, including a cleaning spray, anti-bacterial wipes, comfort gel and a dehumidifying system, The Pureclean range was developed as a cost effective and high performance solution for all hearing aid and in-ear device users to effectively clean and maintain their devices.

Key Features
• Contains Indian frankincense.
• Moisturising anti-irritant effects.
• Lubricates the ear canal.
• Skin friendly, won’t cause irritation.


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