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Pureclean Cleaning Spray 30ml


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Pureclean Cleaning Spray is used for regular and complete cleaning of in ear devices, it contains a strong earwax removal solution, it is supplied in a 30ml spray bottle.

A single press is enough to soak the brush; rub gently and then softly clean the surface. After cleaning, wipe with a soft and dry cloth. The ideal time to clean them is in the evening, after a day of use.

The Pureclean range of cleaning, hygiene and maintenance products includes 7 essential products for maintaining in-ear devices, including a cleaning spray, anti-bacterial wipes, comfort gel and a dehumidifying system, The Pureclean range was developed as a cost effective and high performance solution for all hearing aid and in-ear device users to effectively clean and maintain their devices.

Key Features
• Strong earwax removal solution.
• Gentle, but highly effective.
• Ideal for travelling.


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