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DryBoost UV Maintenance System



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DryBoost UV is a maintenance system for in ear devices, and was designed with rechargeable devices in mind, so is ideal if you have other devices you also want to sanitise and dry, it accommodates most charging bases so you can recharge your devices while sanitising and drying them at a temperature appropriate for rechargeable devices.

The unit also works well with non rechargeable devices.

With a precisely controlled drying temperature that was designed for use with rechargeable batteries, DryBoost UV is a great companion to your in ear devices. The gentle heat works with a fan to create circulation around your in ear devices, pulling the moisture from them, helping to prolong device life, reduce service issues, and increase audio performance.

DryBoost UV also utilises a UV-C lamp to provide sanitisation of your in ear devices while they are being charged and dried. There is an extra USB output on the rear of the unit, allowing you to charge a phone or other electronic device while your hearing instruments are being cared for inside the unit. DryBoost UV combines drying, sanitising, and charging in a stylish and compact unit.

Accommodates most charging bases.

Key features

  • Gentle heat (80°-85° F) for drying rechargeable devices – 6-hr. drying cycle
  • UV-C lamp for sanitising – reduces bacteria* during 5-min. cycle
  • Unit shuts off automatically at the end of the cycle – batteries will continue to charge until charging is complete
  • Additional USB output on rear so you can charge other devices at the same time.
  • 1-year warranty

*Reduces 99.9% of bacteria, specifically Staphylococcus Aureus.


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