A Note About Battery Life…

Your CENS device is powered by a zinc-air battery. To activate the battery you will need to remove a small sticky tab to allow air into the cell and initiate energy production. Once this tab is removed the activation cannot be reversed, and even if the device is not being used the battery will continue to deplete until it is exhausted, usually around 45 days after activation.

How Long Will A Battery Last?

When used to power a CENS device continually a size 13 zinc-air battery has been shown to last for around 400 hours.


Due to the limitations detailed above, real-world usage figures will be wholly dependent upon how frequently a device is used following battery activation, i.e., when used for 6-8 hours a day, 2-3 times a week, the battery will provide more useable power than if only used once or twice a month.

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The softer ProFlex devices are limited by how small they can be. For those with smaller ears, the CENS DX technology is still available with acrylic earpieces.

ProFlex Passive

ProFlex Passive Earplugs combine the ProFlex earpiece with a filtered passive module to provide cost‐effective hearing protection with ambient awareness.


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