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CENS ProFlex DX3 Module

From £330.00

(5 customer reviews)

CENS ProFlex DX3 Module in a range of colours.

This is an individual replacement module, and is supplied without accessories or packaging, for full upgrade kits please click here.

5 reviews for CENS ProFlex DX3 Module

  1. John Frankland (verified owner)

    I would recommend.

  2. Donald Glyn (verified owner)

  3. Adrian Wild (verified owner)

    Purchased replacement modules and web site is very un clear that your not buying a pair . Was forced in ordering a second . The experience could have been a lot better but left a bitter taste.

    When I ordered the second module I received a email saying that you have only ordered one is that correct ?

    By the nature of the email I am sure this has happened previously made me very unhappy when I realised that I need to spend another £280

    Can’t help but feel that your trying to hide something with this type of web site .

    Shooting is usually carried out by the older gentleman / lady and this is not a easy Web site. Even after a phone call asking do the modules fit my moulds .

    When looking at the option of upgrade I thought I don’t need any more batteries and case and cleaning kit as my original 2018 were returned not working in 2020 under guarantee and I got the extra stuff then .

    They have now packed in again and I have given up throwing good money after bad so thought get new modules in my existing ear moulds .

    So to sum up I have now spent over a £1000.00 on ear protection that so far has lasted 4 years and counting

    Not sue if in 2024 when these pack in I will be be back

    I run a 32 gun syndicate in Cheshire and this experience doesn’t encourage me to pass on to my fellow members

    I did explained to the customer adviser when I had to chase delivery of my second module , she was not interested in my comments . Not even I understand stand , we will get it looked at and as a gesture of goodwill I will send you something.

    Overall experience with cens from 2018

    Great product very comfortable and when it works it’s the best . But very expensive and doesn’t last very long


    • Egzon Fazlijaj (store manager)

      Dear Adrian,

      Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you have not have a positive experience when using our website/products.

      With regards to our website the products you ordered were from our ‘replacement category’ as indicated by the single product image and included text: “This is an individual replacement module, and is supplied without accessories or packaging, for full upgrade kits please click here”.

      Following your feedback we are going to improve on this further so that it is 100% clear that customers are ordering a replacement product.

      With regards to your new DX product we recommend that your CENS are serviced at least once a year to maintain perfect functionality and peak performance. This is carried out free of charge during the warranty period. We would also suggest you download and review the latest user guide for your product: https://www.censdigital.com/guide/

      If you need any further assistance please feel free to email: info@www.censdigital.com

  4. Stewart S. (verified owner)

  5. Spencer Archer (verified owner)

    gbEngland, United Kingdom

    Very helpful

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