CPSA Coach of the Year – Max Tarr

CPSA Coach of the Year – Max Tarr

Huge congratulations to CENS Shooter Max Tarr for achieving CPSA’s Coach of the Year award! Max has been extremely  busy this last year with coaching and the launch of Future Shots Academy.

Here’s a few words from Max:

Reflection and praise. From virtually nothing and a nobody to coach of the year in three years. Whilst coach of the year is an individual award to which I’m extremely grateful to win, it’s taken a whole host of people who support me and what I do and help guide me to this momentous moment. Without the support and belief of others, I simply would not have achieved half of what I have done. I wanted to enjoy the moment yesterday and reflect about what I’ve done in the past three years which has led to the highlight of my shooting career so far, but we’re no where near finished. I can’t thank you all individually, but I always work my hardest to provide as much attention to you all as possible. Without the help and support my Future Shots Academy wouldn’t be able to function. Thank you to everyone that nominated me and voted for me, I wish I could shake every single one of your hands. It truly does mean the world to win this award.”

Max and his CENS ProFlex DX5:

“I have used nearly every type and brand of hearing protection, I wear them more and for longer than the average person so I need to protect my hearing and they need to be comfortable and these are just fantastic.

The biggest thing I found with wearing over the ear protection was that they were applying too much pressure around my ears and they’d start to ache immediately. This is something that I personally found a problem with, other people might not get this issue. I use them for coaching as they’re electronic so I need to be able to listen and chat to clients, I use them for my own shooting and I dare say I’ll be using them in the game season!”