Information On ProFlex Passive Ear Plugs Below

Custom-Made ProFlex Filtered Passive Earplugs:

ProFlex Passive Earplugs combine the ProFlex multi-softness earpiece with a filtered passive module to provide cost‐effective hearing protection with ambient awareness.

These earplugs can be upgraded to full CENS® ProFlex digital by purchasing the electronic module at a later date, allowing you to spread the cost of the earplugs and modules over time.

ProFlex Passive Earplugs Features:
  • Made to fit your ears perfectly, this provides unbeatable comfort
  • Laser marked customisation (earpiece standard, passive module is an optional extra)
  • Upgradable to CENS® ProFlex digital by purchasing an electronic module
  • Available in hundreds of colour combinations

CENS® ProFlex digital are not suitable for very small ears. CENS® digital (acrylic) can be made as an alternative.

ProFlex Passive Ear Plugs
Shooter Wearing ProFlex Passive Hearing Protection
Shooter Wearing ProFlex Passive
Supplied With:

  • Hard fabric Puretone case with belt clip
  • Pureclean Gel
  • User guide
Hearing Protection Accessories Supplied with ProFlex Passive
Information On ProFlex Passive Modules Hearing Protection Below

ProFlex Passive Modules:

Coloured passive filtered modules for your ProFlex Earpieces.
Personal laser marking customisation available.

Available in five colours:
Passive Inserts
Purchase ProFlex Passive modules from our online hearing protection shop.
Sold and priced individually.
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