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George Digweed's Shooting Protection

Hearing Protection Ear Plugs - Ear Defenders
Custom Shooting Plugs

CENS® (Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors) digital devices are a lightweight, unobtrusive, super-comfortable form of shooting hearing protection. These hearing protectors are a great alternative to the ageing ear muff style protectors, tested to CE EN352 requirements.

CENS® ear defenders are custom-made ear plugs, made to fit the individual ears perfectly.

The digital microelectronic amplifier provides a natural listening experience, so you never miss a sound. Use these bespoke ear plugs while clay pigeon shooting, game shooting or just target practice.

George Digweed (world #1 clay pigeon shooter) uses our custom-made shooting protection ear plugs for game shooting and field sports.

The CENS® range of hearing protection are available in a wide range of model and colour combinations. View the CENS® order process process involved in obtaining a pair of CENS® hearing protection for you or as a gift! The sound of a gunshot at close range can irreversibly damage your hearing for life, and that’s a fact!

Designed and Manufactured in the UK CENS are manufactured in the UK

Mino CENS®
Battery insertion and placing in ear

19th January 2015
In this film we show you insert a battery in your new Mino CENS® and
place in ear correctly.

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