NEW ProFlex DX5 George Digweed Edition

Established DX5 technology & British craftmanship combine to create the world’s first ultra-luxury hearing protection experience. The CENS ProFlex DX5 George Digweed Edition, inspired by the career of unparalleled shooting legend George Digweed MBE.

“I am truly honoured to have this product bare my name. It’s a testament to the dedication & passion I’ve poured into shooting. To see my name with the best custom hearing protection on the market is a humbling reminder of the impact I’ve had and the legacy I’ve made.
It’s a recognition of all the records I’ve broken, and the inspiration I’ve provided to countless aspiring shooters. This new product represents the embodiment of my values, my spirit, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. I hope it continues to inspire others to push beyond their limits and achieve greatness.”
George Digweed MBE



This meticulously designed packaging is a testament to sophistication, showcasing a harmonious fusion of opulence and functionality. The centrepiece of this extraordinary packaging is the handcrafted, polished wooden case, meticulously finished to perfection, its gleaming gold hardware adding a touch of regality.
Nestled within the plush confines of this opulent case, you will find the George Digweed signature Aspinal of London flask. Crafted with flawless attention to detail, it is a statement piece that reflects this esteemed collaboration. Accompanying the flask is a durable full-grain polymeric leather hardcase, exquisitely designed to protect and transport your devices – it contains a gold carabiner, and a matching travel case, all adorned with exclusive gold detailing.
Completing this exceptional ensemble, the packaging includes an array of carefully selected accessories. These include a set of passive modules protected in a newly designed inlay, a CENS neck loop for wireless communications, a CENS digital cap, and a cleaning starter set containing an exclusive black & gold air puffer, 36 Rayovac batteries, 6 Pureclean wipes, and a tube of Pureclean fitting gel.

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