Technical Director, Martin Dickman Celebrates 30 Year Work Anniversary

Martin celebrates 30 years with Puretone, researching new technologies and developing industry-leading products including CENS, a world leading custom electronic hearing protection system and Nanocomm as used by the Metropolitan police, international referees and pilots throughout the world.

Martin joined Puretone in 1988 as a Technician. Hardworking and full of knowledge it didn’t take him long to work his way up to being appointed as Technical Director. A treasured and respected member of the Puretone family, his dedication, enthusiasm and endless drive for perfection have kept us at the technical forefront of the hearing and noise protection industries.

Baz Choudhry, Managing Director said “Through the years, Martin’s talents and efforts have helped our success. Together, we take pride in his accomplishment and his commitment to excellence. Congratulations on this milestone!”