ProFlex+ DX5

CENS digital are proud to announce the launch of the new ProFlex+ DX5 model

The module base has an all new gun metal finish and there are now 6 new Metalik colours to choose from.


P1: Game Mode / P2: Clay Mode / P3: Range Mode / 
P4: Wireless Comms / P5: Hunter Mode

The all new multi-switch allows for easy program and volume changes. The device now also features a dedicated on/off button that doubles as a mute function for those moments where concentration is key. As with all CENS products, the DX5 has been tested and certified to CE EN352.

CENS ProFlex digital are not suitable for very small ears. CENS digital (acrylic) can be made as an alternative. Packaging supplied may vary depending on country of purchase.

ProFlex+ DX5 features:

  Vocal Feedback
  Digital multi-switch
  Water-Shield Nano-Coating
  Volume & Program Auto-Save
  5 optimised programs

£699.00 inc. VAT

Module Colour (no extra cost)
Larger Battery Capacity

Earpiece Colour

1st Colour (no extra cost)

2nd Colour ()+


3rd Colour ()+

left earpiece right earpiece left dx5-module right dx5-module

Colours are for illustrative purposes only.

2 Colour Example

2 Colour Example

3 Colour Example

3 Colour Example

Both Sides Earpiece Text (no extra cost)

Text Positioning on Earpiece Zoom

Add Cord ()

Cord for connecting left and right CENS devices.



Add Ear Impressions ()

In order for us at Puretone to manufacturer your ear protection, silicone impressions of your ears are needed. The taking of impressions is a simple process that is performed by a trained and qualified audiology professional.

Firstly, the ear needs to be examined to determine whether the impressions can be safely taken. If all is clear, a foam block is put into the ear canal to seal the eardrum. A two-part silicone impression material is then injected in the ear. This remains in the ear for about 5-10 minutes while it sets. Once it has set, the now solid impression is removed, thus capturing the internal shape of the user's ear.

You can get your ear impressions taken throughout the UK and the rest of the world, using our database of audiologists. To search for impression taking services in your area, visit the Puretone Partnership section of our website - by clicking here.

Of course, if you already have recent ear impressions, please send them in together with your voucher.

Ear Impressions Step 1 Ear Impressions Step 2


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ModelProFlex+ DX5

Module Colour

Left Ear

Right Ear

Earpiece Colour

1st Colour Left

1st Colour Right

2nd Colour Left

2nd Colour Right

3rd Colour Left

3rd Colour Right

Both Sides Earpiece Text



Ear Impressions

You haven't added on any ear impressions, are you sure you already have some? If you need them please go back a step to 'Extras' and add them on.

I confirm I do not need any ear impressions



  • Ultra-comfortable dual silicone earpiece
  • Vocal feedback - program & volume change voice notifications
  • Digital multi-switch for program & volume changes
  • Water-Shield nano-coating water repelling coating
  • Volume & program auto-Save 5 optimised programs
  • Mute function Digital DSP circuitry
  • Hundreds of colour combinations
  • Personal laser marking customisation
  • Low battery warning indication
  • Size 13 battery
  • Approx. 400 hours battery life
  • CE EN352 tested & certified
  • 2-year warranty
  • Wind noise reduction
  • All new packaging
  • All new Metalik colours
  • Neck loop

Water-Shield was designed to help continue this promise by adding an extra layer of protection to your CENS device. The Water-Shield bio-compatible coating is a highly durable “Teflon-like” amorphous carbon polymer coating that protects CENS devices from accidental liquid exposure.

Tests have shown that a hydrophobic coating can reduce water ingress by 3 to 5 times over an unprotected product, when exposed to simulated rain-chamber conditions.


All CENS Electronic Hearing Protection brought after the 1st of October 2015 will now come with a 2 year warranty for no additional cost. It’s our promise that your CENS are designed to last.


The Wireless Comms Input Link adds the ability to receive radio transmissions wirelessly into your CENS earpieces via the supplied Neck Loop (or when used with the SRC Amplified Harness, available separately).

With the Wireless Comms Input Link, all received radio calls are automatically transmitted discreetly into your CENS earpieces, and allows you to have a conversation without the need to remove your hearing protection.

  • Deluxe dual carry case set with outer box
  • 2x ProFlex brushes with magnet for cleaning & battery replacement
  • Air puffer User guide & warranty card
  • Carabiner hook
  • Cleaning wipes
  • 36 spare PureCell+ batteries
  • CENS clothing patch
  • Freepost feedback card
  • CENS wallet for storing user guide and gun license
  • Pureclean gel
  • CENS baseball cap
  • Neck loop

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