ProFlex Product Selector

Configure Configure Configure Configure
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Tested & Certified
Patented Modular Design
Multi-Softness Earpiece
Custom Earpiece Laser Marking
Digital DSP Circuitry
Deluxe Packaging With 36 Batteries Included
Low Battery Warning
Dedicated On/Off Button
Passive Modules Included
Standard 2 Year Warranty
Metalik Colours
Extended 1 Year Warranty (2+1 = 3 years total)
Extended 3 Year Warranty (2+3 = 5 years total)
ProFlex Earpiece Cord
Digital Multi-SwitchPush Button
Volume & Mode Auto-Save
Vocal Feedback
Mute Function
Multiple Modes For Optimised Protection3 Modes5 Modes
Wireless Comms Mode
Induction Neck Loop For Use With Wireless Comms
Wind Noise Reduction
Gun Metal Module Finish
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
DX Earpiece

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