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SRC Harness (Style A)



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SRC Wireless Communications Harness

The SRC harness is designed to interface the CENS® hearing protection fitted with the wireless comms link program to a user’s proprietary two-way radio or walkie talkie, providing full two-way communication.

Typical applications include Hunters, gamekeepers and game shoot organisers to name a few.

The SRC harness plugs into the radio which can then be placed on the belt or in a pocket out of the way as this will not need to be touched again once it is switched on and the channel selected. The harness is placed over the head under the outer garments.

The loop around the neck transmits the audio wirelessly into the CENS® device whilst internal CENS® microphone provides ambient awareness. The loop is fitted with an anti-choke quick-release connector to prevent injury if the loop is pulled accidentally.
A lapel microphone picks up the users speech when the PTT button is pressed. This automatically switches the radio to transmit mode.

The whole system allows for two way communications without the need to remove the hearing protection whilst providing ambient awareness.

This option is not available on the CENS® ProFlex Competition model as this would contravene ISSF competition rules.

  • Neck loop with anti-choke quick release
  • Small PTT switch with integral microphone
  • Can be clipped to lapel


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