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Rayovac Extra Batteries – Size 10 (64 Pack + 16 Free)

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Rayovac are offering 2 FREE cards in the new EXTRA 8 pack box.  Giving you 80 cells for the price of 64! – While stocks last.

RAYOVAC® Extra batteries, Size 10. Supplied in cards of 8 cells in boxes of 10 cards, making them more sustainable, more efficiently packed.

• Bigger pack size1 – Stay stocked for longer; +2 batteries per pack.1
• Responsible – Consume less packaging and generate less waste.2
• Long lasting – Reliable, and convenient power from tried & tested zinc air batteries.
• Mercury Free – All RAYOVAC® cells are mercury free.
• No Hearing Aid Battery lasts longer3 – With RAYOVAC® Sound Fusion™ Technology.
• Free UK Delivery On all Rayovac 8 pack cell orders*

Ideal For: Mino CENS

You can count on the consistency and long-lasting technology from RAYOVAC, a brand of the world’s largest manufacturer of zinc air hearing aid batteries, Energizer4, to never let you down.

With an additional two batteries per pack2, the NEW RAYOVAC® EXTRA 8 pack will keep you stocked for longer with power on the go and allow you to live your life to the full, day after day.

Featuring RAYOVAC® Sound Fusion™ Technology, no hearing aid battery lasts longer4. With improved battery life for longer wireless streaming, RAYOVAC’s longest lasting, best performing battery is even more durable, reliable, and robust. It meets the demands of modern-day hearing devices, making life sound better and empowering you to enjoy more of the moments that matter.

The next generation in hearing aid battery technology is here.
Building on 110+ years of engineering innovation and investment, RAYOVAC® is taking battery technology to the next level with Sound Fusion Technology:

• More battery life up to 9% more
• Excellent Performance in a wide range of temperatures

RAYOVAC®’s best battery everwith Sound Fusion Technology.

Highly Conductive Fusion.
A revolutionary improvement to the polymer network inside each battery allows increased cathode connectivity and gives the active ingredients more space to boost performance.


Increased Universal Power.
Engineered for greater cell stability across a wide range of temperatures, Sound Fusion™ Technology provides even more consistent power.


New Manufacturing Process.
An innovative blending methodology improves anode reaction efficiency and helps maximise the ingredients which power every single battery.

*Limited time only, while stocks last. Based on ANSI/IEC performance tests. ROV Batteries, size 312 vs. leading competitor based on IEC Wireless test, Tested Jun. 2021-Sept 2021 at >8 months of age. ©2022 Energizer. RAYOVAC is a trademark of Energizer and its related subsidiaries. WF-1078530. vs previous design (excluding 675) 1. RAYOVAC® EXTRA 8-pack vs. RAYOVAC® EXTRA 6-pack. 2. Continued use of 8-pack over time reduces packaging material waste vs. purchase of the same quantity of batteries in 6-packs 3. RAYOVAC brand only. Based on ANSI/IEC performance tests. 4. IDATA Global Market Report for Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries –Feb 21’ ©2023 Energizer. RAYOVAC is a trademark of Energizer and its related subsidiaries.


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