New Sponsored Shooter: Jennifer Hutchingson

Jennifer was very happy with the performance of her CENS devices and said the following:

When CENS came into my shooting life it was like a breath of fresh air to me. I had struggled with ear protection, not managing to find a set that I felt were comfortable and that didn’t interrupt my mounting the gun. I had tried several options and yet always had some niggles and issues. The experts at CENS are the most incredible people!

From the moment contact began my mind was at rest. The knowledge and enthusiasm they have in their workmanship and their product is evident immediately and filled me with confidence. I simply cannot fault their communication and level of customer support. I am happy to say that you will find that you are important to CENS and that they will make a product that will not only fulfil your requirements and needs as a shooter but will be fitted so exactly to your body that it will feel as comfortable and as natural as possible. The technology involved in the DX5 is impressive to say the least. The clarity of sound is astonishing but also I find them to be amazingly easy to use. I love the attention that CENS have gone to, to ensure simplicity of control for the shooter. Adjusting volume is effortless, flicking through mode is quick and clear, however the DX5 also conveniently holds the last function selected which means operation is often made even more straightforward.

I love the cleaning equipment provided and cases with handy battery slots. Again making it super easy to take care of, transport and maintain your product. The fact that the DX5 also look great is the icing on the cake for me. They have so many colours and combinations to choose from including gemz from which I picked diamond because I love sparkle. I am lucky enough to also have a full range of metallic covers which gives me a rainbow of colours to select from depending on my outfit and mood for the day. It’s so enjoyable and fun to be able to personalise my look each time I go out and shoot. The best thing for me is that CENS really do provide what I think we are all looking for and that is the most advanced and effective hearing protection. They are an essential part of my shooting equipment and I wouldn’t be without them.”