"Having been a member of the CENS team for over 10 years, their products are still of the highest quality in both comfort and audio. The DX5 provides many different modes to accommodate all types of shooting and I would recommend CENS products to all levels of shooters."

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Curtis Woolley

DTL Shooter

"I want to thank you very much for trusting in me since the beginning. Furthermore, for me its an honor to represent CENS as I can confirm that ProFlex provides the best ear protection in the market, as I am able to wear them for many hours of training without feeling uncomfortable and they provide great sound protection. They fit perfectly!"

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Alessandro de Souza Ferreira

Sporting Shooter

"During my winter break from competitive Olympic Skeet Shooting it's been great to try out my new Proflex DX5 earplugs from Cens Digital and Puretone. Now with 5 digital programs Clay, Game, Wireless, Range and Hunter modes plus mute function they cater for all my Shooting needs. The easy one touch function button is a fantastic addition to this great product, as well as the new great looking gun metal finish. I absolutely love my choice of Champagne Gold with white custom fitted moulds. They really are the Ultimate in quality and hearing protection essential in all aspects of Shooting. Big thanks to Cens Digital and Puretone for the continued support. #censdigital #puretone"

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Lara Dale

Olympic Skeet Shooter

"I am absolutely delighted with my CENS digital ear protection. They are the best hearing protection product I have tried in my 10 years of clay shooting. The quality is superb. Aesthetically pleasing, great level of comfort and with the option of passive inserts or digital, they fulfil all my ear protection needs. It was a welcome additional bonus that they came supplied with casing and cleaning / maintenance kit. I am proud to be a brand ambassador for CENS Digital / Puretone"

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Andrea Swatts

Olympic Trap Shooter

"I have been using CENS Digital for over 1 year now, and have just been upgraded to the DX5. Wow, what an upgrade indeed!! The DX5 fits into my original moulded earpiece. They now come with an On/off button, which I find handy, as well as 5 different modes. I only select the CLAY mode, and every time I turn on the DX5's, it holds the same mode, which is perfect. The clarity of these electronic ear plugs is fantastic, I can turn them up or down, depending if I'm shooting, or coaching. Pleasure to use, you only have 1 set of ears people, Protect them with The Best!!"

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Becky Mckenzie

Team GB Gold Medallist & World Champion

"Receiving my CENS ProFlex DX5 2 months ago has really changed my preference in ear protection. The sound of the CENS ProFlex is so clear and crisp it is incredible. They are an invaluable part of my shooting equipment because they allow me to have normal conversations with other contestants without removing them. They are also extremely comfortable to wear and I wouldn’t want to be without them now."

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Josh Bridges

Junior World FITASC Champion

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