"Just received your cens ProFlex DX5 wow!! They are brilliant so comfortable very clear to hear things. I am amazed with the Quality of workmanship I am over the moon thank you to everyone who was involved love them thanks again."

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Frank Vella

CENS ProFlex+ DX5 User

“I have been using my CENS since 2012, and would not be without them in the field. Not only do my CENS ProFlex digitals provide excellent noise suppression and the ability to hear ambient noise such as wing beats, they still allow you to have a normal conversation without the need to remove them. This makes them an invaluable part of my game shooting equipment.”

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George Digweed MBE

World #1 clay pigeon shooter.

“I have just returned from a nine month tour of Afghanistan, where I have been using the CENS ProFlex Hunter Digital hearing protection on a daily basis. Very comfortable during long operations, provides excellent situation awareness whilst operating on foot or in vehicles and the ability to wear under radio headsets. A big thank you for a great product, amazing pieces of equipment”

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Warrant Officer

Class II.

“Having worn CENS digital for the past few months, there's no way I'd go back to using anything else. 
The performance exceeds Puretone's description, whilst the ability to detect approaching game, literately can, and has to be heard to be believed.”

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Mark Stone

Shooting Journalist.

“I am delighted with the performance of my new CENS ProFlex digitals! They've added extra enjoyment to this year's game shooting experiences and provided the protection without reducing the sounds and pleasures whilst deerstalking. 

Very comfortable to wear, they'll get plenty of use whilst training for the 2015 International competition season and when it is not beneficial to use the electronic modules, I'm looking forward to using my customised passive filters. 

A big thumbs up and thank you to Puretone for producing the ultimate hearing protection for game, clay target and rifle sports. You may be able to purchase cheaper but not better. What better way to look after yourself!”

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Elena Allen

Team GB.

“I found that CENS digital gave me the best protection from noise, they were also a great help in having a conversation with other shooters. I found them very comfortable to wear over long durations, and they are much better than earmuffs because they give you the advantage of being able to hear noises from different directions.”

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Ian Coley

Olympic Shooting Coach.

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