James Attwood Wins English Open Sportrap

Huge congratulations for CENS Sponsored Shooter James Attwood. He has secured the High Gun Trophy at the 2022 CPSA English Open Sportrap Championships with a score of 141/150. A truly outstanding achievement!

James said the following about his devices:

“Having previously worn the competition model, my new ProFlex DX5’s are giving me better comfort and better protection, also having the different modes is such a great feature allowing me to use them in so many different situations. I couldn’t recommend these enough for anyone looking to have custom ear plugs”

James has been a CENS Sponsored Shooter since he approached us in 2018 and has since been using ProFlex DX5’s to protect his hearing.

The ProFlex DX5 is the absolute pinnacle in hearing protection for shooting! The DX5 features 5 digitally optimised modes including a dedicated Clay mode optimised for clay shooters where guns are typically fired at a faster rate with other shooters nearby also firing, this exposes the user to more prolonged loud noise levels.

DX5 is a lightweight, unobtrusive, super comfortable alternative to the ageing earmuff style of protection. Custom-made to fit the individual contours of your ears, there is simply nothing better.

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James Attwood