Yet, some things haven’t really changed at all. Sure, we can now make custom earpieces “digitally” using our FIT additive manufacturing process, but we still make thousands of earpieces each week using our tried and true traditional methods. We also have new and growing businesses in music products, military communications and hearing protection products.

But even with all the new, our foundation and focus here at Westone has not changed: Providing you, the hearing healthcare professional, with the best value in custom earpieces and clinical supplies. If you need help with an order, have a question about a patient fitting, or would like to discuss how to grow your practice through some of our music or hearing protection products, we’re always here and eager to talk.

Over fifty years ago, we decided that “The Golden Rule” was the only way to do business. That hasn’t changed a bit. We still follow this simple guiding principle and strive to “do the right thing” in all of our actions. We’re here to be of service and exceed your expectations. We’ll do our very best to take care of you and your patients.





2235 Executive Circle
Colorado Springs
CO 80906

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