Hear Technologies

Hear Technologies(Pty)Ltd was registered in 2005 and it prides itself in providing high quality custom and generic hearing and sound related products.

Our Recreational Products include

  • Water Protection
  • In-Ear Monitors for musician’s
  • Flight Headsets
  • Shooting Protection
  • Amplification Systems

We cater to Industry, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Mining, Military, Textiles, Metal, Police and Call center applications.

Our manufacturing is done locally in South Africa to the highest approved standards.

All products sold either have European Standards CE marked, American National Standards Institute and last but not least surpass South African Standards requirements.

We have International agreements in place, so strive to provide only the best products available on the market, together with high quality service.

We at Hear Technologies believe this nation needs to stop treating hearing loss as a minor problem. Research shows that this condition, when left untreated, reduces earning power, disrupts family life and causes a wide range of psychological problems. 

The good news is that, these days, effective solutions for hearing loss are available for people of all ages. As digital and programmable technologies have revolutionized the world of medical devices, we have seen the dramatic benefits that hearing instruments now provide to the hard-of-hearing.  

Hear Technologies provides state of the art technology and cost effective solutions to large industrial organisations as well as individuals looking to enhance and protect their hearing.

080 11 11 665




624 Myra Street
South Africa

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