CENS Welcomes S&C TV Presenter Chris Rogers

S&C TV has long been recognised as the premier destination for trustworthy video content catering to all types of shooters. From clay target enthusiasts to those passionate about deer stalking, foxing, or pigeon shooting, S&C TV offers a diverse array of high-quality programming. Now, with Chris Rogers on board, viewers can expect even more insightful and engaging content related to deer management.

Joining forces with CENS, known for their innovative digital devices providing superior shooting hearing protection, is a natural fit for Chris Rogers. CENS digital devices offer a lightweight and unobtrusive range of hearing protection. Custom-made to fit individual ears perfectly, CENS  ensure maximum comfort and protection for shooters of all levels.

By partnering with CENS, Chris Rogers continues to demonstrate his commitment to promoting safe and enjoyable shooting experiences. Together, we aim to educate and empower shooters with the tools and knowledge they need to protect their hearing while pursuing their passion.