CENS & SWATCOM A Hearing Protection Collaboration

Two Brands – One Commitment – Protecting Your Hearing

CENS, a leading provider of state-of-the-art custom in-ear hearing protection, and SWATCOM, renowned for their advanced military-spec over-ear hearing protection, are proud to announce they have teamed up to offer the most comprehensive selection of hearing protection available. 

In a world where hearing protection is of paramount importance, CENS and SWATCOM are uniting to  offer both styles of hearing protection, ensuring that, no matter your preference, your safety will always be taken care of. Whether you choose CENS or SWATCOM, you can trust that you’re making the right choice. 

World-Renowned Shooter George Digweed MBE Endorses CENS & SWATCOM

George Digweed MBE, the world’s number one shooter, has trusted both CENS and SWATCOM with his hearing protection needs for a considerable time. He shared his excitement about the collaboration, stating:

 “I’ve been using both CENS and SWATCOM for a while now and I’m happy to see them joining forces to create a strong unifying force in the hearing protection industry. SWATCOM is my go-to for shooting clays, and CENS is my choice for game shooting. Together, they offer the ultimate hearing protection experience.”

George Digweed MBE George Digweed MBE
CENS Brand Ambassador              . SWATCOM Brand Ambassador
Game Shooting  Clay Shooting


Known for their precision craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, CENS offers custom in-ear hearing protection that is trusted by professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

“This collaboration was the logical next step for CENS, enabling both brands to harness our respective strengths & expertise, while providing the most comprehensive range of hearing protection for every shooter. By uniting our experience and knowledge, we prioritise our customers’ safety with a complete range of rigorously tested & certified devices.”

Baz Choudhry, Managing Director
Puretone Ltd – CENS digital
Order yours today at www.censdigital.com/shop


A leading provider of military-spec over-ear hearing protection and communications solutions for professionals all over the world, SWATCOM is known for delivering uncompromised safety and performance.

“We’re thrilled to bring you an even broader selection of top-tier hearing protection solutions by
teaming up with CENS. SWATCOM will be at many events throughout 2024, so feel free to come and
see us.”

Keith Foote, Managing Director
Talking Headsets Ltd – SWATCOM
To learn more, please visit www.swatcom.com