BASC CEO Ian Bell Explores CENS Innovations

Exploring The Cutting-Edge Technology Reshaping Shooting Sports

CENS, a pioneer in advanced shooting technology, recently welcomed Ian Bell, CEO of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC), to our cutting-edge factory. During this exclusive visit, Mr. Bell experienced firsthand the groundbreaking innovations shaping hearing protection in shooting sports.



As the UK’s largest shooting organisation, BASC has been a steadfast advocate for sustainable shooting practices, conservation initiatives, and the well-being of the shooting community for over a century. CENS is proud to collaborate with such a respected organisation, sharing our commitment to enhancing the shooting experience through technological excellence.



Ian Bell’s tour of the CENS factory provided insight into the meticulous processes behind our custom-made digital earplugs, designed to fit the unique contours of each user’s ears. This personalised approach ensures not only optimal hearing protection but also an enhanced shooting experience.



“We are thrilled to have hosted Ian Bell at our factory, sharing our passion for advancing shooting technology. BASC’s dedication to responsible shooting aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide shooters with the most advanced and comfortable hearing protection solutions,” expressed Martin Dickman, Technical Director.



The partnership between CENS and BASC highlights a shared vision for the future of shooting sports—one that prioritises safety, innovation, and a commitment to delivering products that exceed the expectations of the shooting community.”