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Hearing Protection Testimonies by Professional Shooters / Journalists

Ian Coley

British Olympic Shooting Coach

“CENS digital gave me the best protection from noise, also a great help in having a conversation”

John Offord

England OT Team Coach

“I am absolutely delighted with my CENS ProFlex!”

George Digweed MBE World #1 Shooter

“I have been using my CENS® since 2012, and would not be without them in the field. Not only do my CENS® ProFlex digitals provide excellent noise suppression and the ability to hear ambient noise such as wing beats, they still allow you to have a normal conversation without the need to remove them. This makes them an invaluable part of my game shooting equipment.”

- George Digweed MBE - World #1 clay pigeon shooter
Elena Allen - Team GB

“I am delighted with the performance of my new CENS® ProFlex digitals! They've added extra enjoyment to this year's game shooting experiences and provided the protection without reducing the sounds and pleasures whilst deerstalking.

Very comfortable to wear, they'll get plenty of use whilst training for the 2015 International competition season and when it is not beneficial to use the electronic modules, I'm looking forward to using my customised passive filters.

A big thumbs up and thank you to Puretone for producing the ultimate hearing protection for game, clay target and rifle sports. You may be able to purchase cheaper but not better. What better way to look after yourself!”

- Elena Allen - Team GB.
Ian Coley - British Olympic Shooting Coach

“I found that CENS® digital gave me the best protection from noise, they were also a great help in having a conversation with other shooters. I found them very comfortable to wear over long durations, and they are much better than earmuffs because they give you the advantage of being able to hear noises from different directions.”

- Ian Coley, Olympic Shooting Coach.
Mick Nicholson - Champion Shot and Shooting Instructor

“From hearing the instant the clay leaves the trap, the moment a pheasant first beats its wings to enabling a full unhindered conversation with my numerous shooting clients and pupils, CENS® digital increase my senses whilst 100% protecting my hearing all time.”

- Mick Nicholson, Champion Shot and Shooting Instructor.

Curtis Woolley - Krieghoff Sponsored County Champion.

"As a young and regular competition shooter, I believe that protecting my hearing is essential. This is why I wear CENS® digital. In my opinion there isn't a better hearing protector out there. It's only when you wear them that you realise the true benefits of this amazing product, they are literally unbelievable!”

- Curtis Woolley, Krieghoff Sponsored County Champion.
Randy Raymond - VP of Rayovac, USA.

"I absolutely love the comfort and functionality of these tiny wonders. When I'm at the range I love the fact that I do not have to continue to put on a take-off, hot, cumbersome earmuff style hearing protection. My CENS® let me hear great when not shooting yet provide incredible response to a shot. Even the heaviest calibres I fire and those fired by those around me are attenuated to a safe comfortable level! When I am hunting I like to think I have the best ears in the woods.

Even wary deer are no match for my CENS® enhanced hearing! I can clearly hear all the wonderful sounds of nature and can distinctly tell apart the scampering of squirrels in the dry leaves from the ”crunch, crunch, crunch” of a big buck walking through heavy cover. Best of all, when I take the shot, I know my ears won't be ringing for hours because of my CENS® incredible response to suppressing the blast.. even when shooting my black powder rifle! I also love to archery hunt for deer and although hearing protection isn't an issue, I can't wait to use my CENS® to help enhance the sounds of the woods. My Puretone CENS® perform flawlessly and are now part of my essential gear”.

- Randy Raymond, VP of Rayovac, USA.
Sarah Gray - Domestic & International Competition Shooter.

“Having two program options make the ProFlex Competition the perfect choice for both training and competition. With fantastic protection and comfort, I would highly recommend to anyone.”

- Sarah Gray, Domestic & International Competition Shooter.
Warrant Officer Class II

“I have just returned from a nine month tour of Afghanistan, where I have been using the CENS® ProFlex Hunter Digital hearing protection on a daily basis. Very comfortable during long operations, provides excellent situation awareness whilst operating on foot or in vehicles and the ability to wear under radio headsets. A big thank you for a great product, amazing pieces of equipment”

- Warrant Officer Class II.
Mark Stone - Shooting Journalist

“Having worn CENS® digital for the past few months, there's no way I'd go back to using anything else.
The performance exceeds Puretone's description, whilst the ability to detect approaching game, literately can, and has to be heard to be believed.”

- Mark Stone, Shooting Journalist.
Nigel Hirst - L2 ESP CPSA and International FITASC Shooting Instructor.

“I can only describe CENS® digital as a revelation. I can comfortably wear them for extended periods, hold detailed conversations with my clients, and clearly hear sounds that normally would be in-audible. I have found that the ability to now clearly identify approaching game is invaluable.”

- Nigel Hirst, L2 ESP CPSA and International FITASC Shooting Instructor.
John Fawcett - Fawcett's Gun Shot.

“Having used many types of ear defenders for game shooting for many years I must say these are the best I have used and offer many advantages over conventional electronic muffs, not least the fact that you retain the ability to sense sound direction - essential when walking up to game! They are also comfortable and unobtrusive when worn, a superb product.”

- John Fawcett, Fawcett's Gun Shot, Lancashire.
John Bridges - Mobile STARSHOT

“With over forty years experience in clay shooting, CENS® are by far the best.”

- John Bridges, Mobile STARSHOT.
Henning Schmidt - General Manager, IntriCon

“Having tried several options of protecting my ears from the loud impulse noises from shooting.. I am very happy that I found Puretone's CENS® ProFlex Hunter devices.
The custom fit and the fine-tuned 2 programs of the devices provide great protection, while always enabling me to hear the instructor on the shooting range or the environment on the dear stand. The additional ear muffs are doing a great job in windy conditions.
CENS® ProFlex Hunter are a very practical well thought out complete system for the hunter that protects the while allowing you to hear perfectly.”

- Henning Schmidt, General Manager of IntriCon
John Offord - England OT Team Coach.

“I am absolutely delighted with my CENS® ProFlex. I have had the opportunity to use the additional channel for trap events on several occasions and they work perfectly, just the right noise levels produced to ensure concentration.”

- John Offord, England OT Team Coach.
Austin Coxhead - Domestic & International Competition Shooter.

“I use ProFlex digital as they are the market leader with outstanding quality, comfortably wearing them for up to 6 hours a day. Both excellent for game and clay shooters, using 2 settings, the audio is crisp and clear.”

- Austin Coxhead, Domestic & International Competition Shooter.
Geoff Garrod - GameKeeper.

“They give me the protection that I need and takes away the clumsiness that I don't need, worn them all day on some big pigeon days and you forget your are wearing them because they are so comfortable.”

- Geoff Garrod, GameKeeper.
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