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Shooter Plug digital 1 Information Below

CENS® Shooter Plug digital 1:

Providing unsurpassed suppression, while giving the wearer improved perceived sound, CENS® digital 1 are the original custom electronic noise suppressors.

Featuring a fine tuned general shooting program, which boosts quieter sounds such as approaching birds and quarry to clear audible levels, giving you the edge on the competition.

CENS® digital 1 - audibly superior custom noise suppression.

Key Features:
  • Comfortable custom-made acrylic shell
  • Easy to replace wax guard
  • 3 colours available (red, blue & black)
  • 1 program
  • Personal laser marking customisation
  • Wind reduction mic position
  • Easy to use volume control
  • Low battery warning indication
  • 312 battery type
  • Approx. 100-150 hours battery life
  • 2 Year Warranty
Wearing Hearing Protection digital 1
Wearing Hearing Protection digital 1
Wearing Hearing Protection digital 1
Water-ShieldTM & 2 Year Warranty from CENS®

All CENS® Electronic Hearing Protection brought after the 1st of October 2015 will now come with a 2 year warranty for no additional cost. It’s our promise that your CENS® are designed to last.

Water-ShieldTM was designed to help continue this promise by adding an extra layer of protection to your CENS® device. The Water-ShieldTM bio-compatible coating is a highly durable “Teflon-like” amorphous carbon polymer coating that protects CENS® devices from accidental liquid exposure.

Tests have shown that a hydrophobic coating can reduce water ingress by 3 to 5 times over an unprotected product, when exposed to simulated rain-chamber conditions.

CENS® digital 1 are supplied with:

  • Puretone utility bag
  • Hard fabric Puretone case with belt clip and foam insert
  • Small squeeze pocket pouch
  • Brush with magnet for cleaning and battery replacement
  • CENS® wallet for storing user guide and gun license
  • Pack of 30 spare 312 size PureCell+ batteries
  • Replacement wax guards
  • CENS® clothing patch
  • CENS® baseball cap
  • User guide & warranty card
  • Freepost feedback card

Also a full range of accessories and batteries are also available from our shop page.
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